Florence has left the building

Director : Mirrah Foulkes 

There’s an unspoken truth that permeates old folks homes, one that is known but never spoken aloud. It’s the dancing elephant in the room, screaming a reminder that this place, with its wheelchairs and walking sticks and wrinkles is the final place, the last stop. But not for Florence. For her, this place, this home, is simply the setting, the stage for her rebellion. Because Flo isn’t your typical OAP, she’s foul mouthed and feisty, a women in the adolescence of her old age, bumming cigarettes and questioning authority, not ready to settle down and wait out the inevitable. So when two warring Elvis impersonators show up for a Christmas Eve performance, she spots an opportunity to escape. It’s a story that manages to avoid the swing between sobering and saccharin, instead it settles, with a wry humour, on what it means to be washed up - in a home and in life, challenging our preconceptions of age and exposing the fear and the faith in living life on your own terms.

Ami Guest