Edith & Eddie

Director : Laura Checkoway

Most, if not all love stories end when the protagonists are still young enough for us to imagine their happily ever after. They end with a sense of hope, for the characters and for us. The hope that all the ups and downs endured are simply the foundations on which a lasting love is built. Edith and Eddie’s story isn’t so different. As they tell it, it began in an almost fictionally romantic fashion, with her giving him a number to play on the lottery and him playing it again and again until one day it came up. He won $5000, split it with her and they fell in love. What marks their story as different though is age and how late in life their relationship began. Edith is 96, Eddie 95 and although their love is not one of great passion, it is tender, heartwarming and strangely aspirational. We watch as they wake in the morning, as he passes over her false teeth and directs her as she puts them in, as they hold hands during their armchair exercises and how those hands remain clasped throughout the family feud that threatens to tear them apart. What starts as documentation of an unconventional romance soon turns into a story of court battles, finger pointing, presumptions and bad decisions that tragically disregard the welfare and wants of those they most affect. It doesn’t end with that hope for the future, they’re beyond that, but it is a story of a great love, in all its unglamourous glory.

Ami GuestComment