Yes, God, Yes

Director : Karen Maine

Masturbation is the reserve of teenage boys, or so common discourse would have us believe. It’s their sexual explorations that form the narratives, that create the anecdotes, that become the punchlines. Even the name, for God’s sake, connotes masculinity - Mastur bate. But the clumsy, fundamental, first fumblings of girls don’t seem to get the same treatment. They’re more hush, hush. They’re rarely seen, nor heard about and are so seldomly discussed, outside the women's world, that their claim on the conversation is curbed. Yes, God, Yes, the short and, soon to be feature film, from director Karen Maine, exists to challenge this conventional wisdom. Set in the early noughties, when access to the internet was prefaced with a dial tone and movies came on tape, it tells the story of fifteen year old, Alice, whose doe eyes are opened during a initially innocent encounter over AOL messenger. When an anonymous friend sends her some “saucy pics,” she’s at first baffled, then intrigued and finally stirred into a kind of sexual awakening that is drastically at odds with her Catholic education. Suddenly, sex is everywhere. What’s so brilliant about Yes, God, Yes, is it that is plays with the confusing and misleading narrative around sex we’re fed as teenagers and the shame, bemusement and ultimate pleasure that accompanies it. Whether burdened by Catholic guilt or not, it’s a recognisable coming of age romcom, told thankfully and refreshingly through a female gaze, about a girl, learning to love herself.

Ami Guest