Why Not Now: Vivian Stancil

Director : Riley Hooper

It’s easy to assume that the highly positive have never known sadness or struggle, that they are the way they are because they remain unscathed by the trials and tribulations of life. I have a friend who radiates positivity, an hour in her presence and you feel calm and serene, excited by life and yet she has experienced things that many couldn’t begin to comprehend, things that make your heart break. Which makes me wonder if the opposite is true, that, instead of never knowing sadness, the extremely positive amongst us, know it intimately. They have sunk to the bottom, looked it right in the eye and been kicked down even further. They have had to claw their way back up, through grit and determination to finally land in the enviable position of contentment. Vivian Stancil, is testament to this theory. At 49 years old Vivian jumped into a pool having never swam before. As a blind woman she was told that she couldn’t swim, an assumption she not only subverted but disproved. It’s like a lot of things Vivian was told, all of which she challenged. ‘I realised it’s up to me to take control’, she tells us. Vivian is so likable, so energetic that it at times made me sad that her story was being told as part of a brand campaign, but that's irrelevant, it's simply a great short. It’s an authentic tale of inspiration, a tale that is excellently told by Riley Hooper, whose entire back catalogue shows an immense talent for cultivating an affinity with and empathy for her subjects and her audience. In Why Not Now, she handles Vivian’s story in a way that makes it vibrate with exuberance and infectious inspiration. So if today feels like a struggle, if the odds seems to be stacked against you, just take two minutes and watch this, I guarantee you’ll feel better.

Ami Guest