Career Day

Director : Ashley Deckman

There comes a time in all of our lives when we start to see our parents not as the heros we thought they were, but as the people they are. Suddenly, these godlike creatures are made mortal and over time we come to forget that we once worshiped only them. Occasionally, it’s nice to be reminded of those formative years. When I was a child, my mum was my ultimate superhero. She was my Clark Kent and my Superman. My Bruce Wayne and my Batman. My mum and my dad. It was something I was reminded of when watching Ashley Deckman’s hilariously poignant short. Alley is waiting to take the stage at Little Brook Elementary school’s career day, only her mum, Mandy is running late. As children and their parents take to the stage to discuss their work, Alley waits anxiously in the wings. Finally Mandy arrives, harassed, disheveled but ready for their moment. Their moment however, doesn’t quite go as planned. Instead of telling the class what she really does, Mandy embraces Alley’s belief that she is the Pink Ranger - a superhero in mum’s clothing. When their raucous performance is cut short, both Mandy and Alley are confronted with realities of their situation. Deckman perfectly directs the transition from silly to serious, peppering Mandy and Alley’s humiliation with humour and honesty. At the centre of it all is the chemistry between Rebecca Karpovsky and Matilda Fleming, whose mother and daughter relationship is completely compelling, capturing the closeness that can only be found in a pair navigating life together. Career Day is as playful as it is sincere, reminding us that although our parents aren’t invincible our memories of them are.

Ami Guest